LMI DynaVision Laser 2D and 3D devices for scanning and measurement in sawmills


In the 1990's LMI - then known as DynaVision - forged their reputation in North America supplying lumber industries with leading-edge laser scanners and single point triangulation laser displacement sensors. The lumber (or timber) industries were, and are still, typically very harsh environments for all equipment, but particularly so for complex and sophisticated electro-optical  components and parts.

In 1994 Saatech decided to use DynaVision scanner heads for the development of our true-shape scanning and associated control systems for precision high speed saw-log sorting. Saatech Systems achieved widespread success delivering a large number of high performance systems to most major radiata pine  sawmills in Australia.

Although we no longer represent LMI sales, or manufacture 3D scanning systems, we provide a repair service for popular legacy laser type SLS5000 series sensors. 

We provide a fixed price repair of these sensors, and in particular, the  LMI SLS5000-325/400-AL sensor, which remains widely used in the aluminium mill industry.  Use the link below to contact us, or visit our store to enquire and/or purchase.