Photocells and Scanner Products

Saatech Systems represent two Canadian companies, LMI Technologies and ScanMeg Inc. in Australia and New Zealand.

We have been supplying LMI Technologies sensors and scanners for over 20 years. We have first hand experience with the company's true-shape scanner heads as these were the units on which Saatech based our successful ProScan log sorting and revenue systems.

Although we have been supplying ScanMeg products for only 5 years, we have had sufficient experience particularly with their Area Photocells and various IR scanners to endorse their products in every respect.  ScanMeg sensors are specifically designed and developed for the sawmill industry.

Over a relatively short period of time, ScanMeg has established itself as an innovator and reliable supplier of easy to use, state-of-the-art, non-contact measuring devices. Their product range includes a range laser devices which include single-point displacement measuring sensors, real-shape laser line scanners, and a unique range of very rugged high performance photocells and other infra-red "light curtain"scanners.With installations all over the world ScanMeg Inc. has become the preferred choice of equipment where affordable, rugged, precise, fast, simple and high-quality measurement are required.

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Although LMI originally manufactured only laser sensors and scanners for the timber industry they are now leading suppliers of very specialised high performance laser sensors supplying to broad spectrum of high volume manufacturing industries, which include automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, medical research institutions, medical equipment, heavy equipment and industrial processes, etc. However, they continue maintain a very strong focus on lumber industry applications with a commitment to continued R&D delivering an expanding range of leading-edge technology sensors and scanners.

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Saatech Products

Saatech have developed cutting pattern and sawmill analysis software, 3D laser scanning systems, and unique and innovative modular mechanical handling systems for sorting and stacking dry-sawn and planed timber.

We perform systems integration both in-house and in collaboration with another integration partner with extensive direct timber industry credential and experience.

LogoBlue-Grey-Sharp PowerSAW-2

is the standard tool for fast simulation and analysis of cutting patterns for sawmills. The software addresses the practical day-to-day need for the creation, editing, testing and analysis of cutting patterns in the green mill.

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LogoBlue-Grey-Sharp SawCAM3

SawCAM is powerful simulation software developed by Saatech. It permits greenmill operations to be modelled quickly, and for multiple actual simulation  runs to be performed extremely quickly. At this point, SawCAM is used only to perform simulations on a contract basis for customers.

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