PowerSAW Software

PowerSAW is the standard tool for fast simulation and analysis of cutting patterns for sawmills. The software addresses the practical day-to-day need for the creation, editing, testing and analysis of cutting patterns in the green mill.

PowerSAW is designed to quickly and accurately determine value and volume recoveries for any cutting pattern. The interactive feature of the software combined with the secure mill setup definition means that new or existing patterns can be evaluated and tested, accurately and reliably, in just a matter of minutes.

The integrated log-class simulator injects realism into the simulations by allowing the user to define log presentation errors for offset, skew and rotation, and permits the parameters for diameter, sweep, taper and heart wood to be represented.

Single page reference pattern reports are very quickly produced, and the integrated log class simulator applies various parameter limits to log SED, taper and ovality, and log offset and rotation. The simulation also allows a user to single step through the standard 100 log simulation population. For a typical report click on the blue button below

For over 15 years sawmills around the world have been using PowerSAW and its predecessor software for sawing pattern creation and analysis. Its popularity in the market place is mainly due to its effectiveness as a fast and very easy to use what-if tool. It is quick and simple to setup, and its interactive scaled pattern graphic interface provides immediate feedback to the user. A live 3D log window shows the cut boards for the active pattern, and as boards are added or changed, or changes are made to offset, or sweep, (for example) these changes are immediately reflected in the 3D window. The changes are also reflected in the sawn yield window as well.


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